Monday, April 24, 2017

Working Up To Fitness

One thing that people get wrong about fitness is that they believe they need dozens of material to get a good workout.

In fact, one of the most basic and effective training facilities is found in almost every home on earth - a staircase.

Here are some advantages of using stairs or steps as a workout tool.

Staircase training increases your heart rate, fast
Walking, jogging and running are all perfect ways to get a decent cardiovascular workout.

Climbing a staircase or using a staircase machine (have I mentioned that many Pure Gym sites have those available?) Is just a more effective way to do the Work, however.

The key is in the extra resistance of the climbing movement, which makes you work against gravity by "pushing" your body up, one leg at a time, against its own weight. At the same time, the greater range of movements in the lower body joints forces your muscles to strive more to complete the movement.

In other words, walking or climbing a staircase is more difficult than walking or running along a flat road.

One advantage of this extra flexibility is that you will be able to burn more calories and increase your heart rate in less time when using a staircase than when you are using a treadmill.

It's suggested that at least twice as many calories are burned on a stairway as on a conventional walk over a period of time, with a 165 lb. person burning 657 calories per hour on a stair climber and 314 On a 3.5 mph ride. [1]

You can work all the lower body with the stairs
The movement of climbing a staircase activates just about all the lower body muscles, which means that workouts at the stairs can be a great addition to your leg training regime, helping to strengthen the strength and Endurance while improving cardiovascular fitness.

Specifically, when you climb the stairs, you engage your gluteus maximus, hamstring, quadriceps and, to a lesser extent, your abdominals.

Depending on how you choose to train using stairs, the entire workout can also have a very low impact, which means that your joints are resistant to less abuse than when jogging.

With stairs, you can train for strength, power or endurance
One of the great things about training with stairs is that you can use them for a variety of different exercises, either to explosive power, intense cardio work, or to strengthening the lower body strength.

Just be careful what you do and keep the risks in mind before you start.

To use stairs to do an HIIT workout that will leave you panting for air, rest at the foot of the flight and climb up and down the first (or second) stage as quickly as possible until You are too exhausted to continue. At this point, you should continue the exercise at a slow pace until you catch your breath, then repeat the "sprint".

To use the stairs to work on developing an explosive power, stand at the base of the stairs, crouch down, and jump with both feet at once to reach the highest stage you can reach in one thick headed. Then go down and repeat. This basically involves using your stairs to make a "box jump". Be especially careful in this exercise because there is always a risk of wrong or wrong judgment and slip. Do this barefoot exercise, or wear shoes with good grip.

To use stairs to do a targeted workout for the lower body, do "stair slides", climbing several steps at a time and making a deep loop at each step. The deeper the ball, the greater the distance between the legs and the more repetitions you make, the more you will exhaust and work your muscles
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Canadian engineering giant to acquire Atkins for £2.1bn

A  £2.1 billion agreement was agreed to pave the way for Canadian engineering giant SNC-Lavalin to bring together the UK consulting firm WS Atkins, which employs more than 100 architects in the UK

It was announced last night (April 20) that the boards of directors of both companies had shaken the takeover, which will allow SNC-Lavalin to pay 2,080 p in cash for each share of Atkins.

The move will see Atkins, ranked 10th in the AJ100 league of last year, as part of a £ 7.1 billion global mega-company offering an "integrated project management and professional services company with 53,000 employees. "

According to the announcement, the recovery will significantly improve SNC-Lavalin's overall margins and further balance its commercial portfolio.

The statement reads as follows: "The acquisition will improve SNC-Lavalin's global position and addressable market in infrastructure, rail and transit and nuclear, combining two highly complementary companies and increasing geographic reach and diversification Of customers worldwide. "

The Canadian outfit has offices in more than 50 countries and posted sales of £ 10 billion in 2015. The newly expanded business will continue to be headquartered in Montreal.
News via Architect's Journal
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why active rest is necessary and how to get it

You will be happy to learn that rest days are an essential part of your physical journey. That is true! Get rid of the guilt you have not to hit gymnastics seven days a week. But if you think that rest days are meant to be completely perpendicular on the couch, think again. Taking a day of recovery does not always mean absolutely nothing. It's time to start incorporating active rest days into your workout plan!

Why is the rest important?

When you do not give your body time to recover from your workouts, you run the risk of overtraining. Symptoms of overtraining may include prolonged muscle pain, weakened immune system, poor quality sleep, decreased performance during workouts, or even worse, injury. Not good!

The integration of active and passive rest days will give your body time to repair, recover and develop. The scheduled rest days also give you permission to take a mental break from your tax workouts and allow you to re-enter and be pumped for the next training session.

What is active rest?

Active rest days are light and easy in comparison to cardiac pumping exercises. They will vary somewhat given your level of experience. The active day of rest of someone who just started will be different and actually more intense from someone who crushes his exercises five days a week. The goal is to move you just enough to get your blood pumping and boost the recovery process of your body.

The active and passive rest option offers other benefits, including increasing your mood, increasing energy levels and helping you meet your nutritional goals during your active days.

What can I do on active days off?

Back up Netflix binges for another time; You are fit, active and full of energy. In other words, keep it moving!

The following ideas will help you take full advantage of your time away from the squat rack:

> Spend time concentrating on dynamic warm-ups, mobility exercises, foam rolling and basic strengthening exercises

> Stroll through the park, or near the lake / beach

> Ask friends to get together outside the gym by climbing, kayaking, hiking or bowling

> Take the time to bring the dog to the dog park

> Spend time living with children for quality active time

> Take a special trip in a trampoline park

> Play a game of kickball

> Hit the local playground

> Go dancing for the night or with friends

> Go for a lower intensity workout such as swimming, jogging, biking, a bodyweight workout or a jump on the elliptical

> Do a restorative yoga class for your muscles and mind
Head to the gym for a light workout where you focus on breathing, form and being present

> Plan a massage for yourself to really help these muscles relax you
How long do I have to "rest"?

Active rest days are different for each gymnasium. For those of you attacking an intense program every day, your active rest day might be mild. If you are new to #fitfam and your exercises have been light to moderate, you can take a more active approach. Aim for 15 to 60 minutes of activity.

Active rest is essential for everyone!

Choose an activity that allows you to move around, makes you happy, helps you relieve stress and stops counting games and rehearsals every day. Give yourself permission to step back and enjoy your fitness trail. Your body and your spirit will thank you!
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Do Not Take Fatigue Lying Down

Have you ever had one of those days when you are so tired you can not do anything other than the Netflix nightlight?

Of course, everyone gets tired sometimes, and often bounces after a quick rest or a good night's sleep. However, if fatigue attacks occur more often and last longer, you should not ignore them.

"Older adults may fear aging fatigue, but there is no reason why you should fight fatigue in progress," says Dr. Suzanne Salamon, a geriatric doctor at the Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Here are some signs that you should take your fatigue seriously:

Inability to do activities you enjoy
Waking up exhausted, even after a good night's sleep
Not feeling motivated to start the day
Sudden bursts of exhaustion disappear and return
Shortness of breath.
This type of fatigue can affect your health in several ways. You may have less energy to exercise. It is a great place to stay. You can easily stick and become more socially isolated.

It is worth checking with your doctor

Fatigue could also signal a state of health, according to Dr. Salamon, and you should consult your doctor to see if you have any of the following problems.

> Anemia. This happens when your blood has too few red blood cells or these cells have too little hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen into the bloodstream. This results in lower energy levels.
Cardiac disease. Heart disease can cause the heart to pump blood less efficiently and cause fluids in the lungs. This can cause shortness of breath and reduce the oxygen supply to the heart and lungs, which makes you tired.
Sleep problems. Sleep apnea is characterized by a pause in your breathing, which often lasts several seconds, or a shallow breathing while you sleep. It is common in elderly and overweight people. Another problem related to sleep is an overactive bladder that forces repeated trips from the nightly bathroom. Either one of them can bother you enough to let you tired during the day.
Medication. Some medications can make you tired, such as blood pressure medications, statins, antidepressants, antihistamines, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cold medications. "People react differently to medications and they often end up taking more as they age," says Dr. Salamon. Check with your doctor, especially if you have added a new drug or recently increased your dosage. "Sometimes it helps to take certain medications, which can cause fatigue at night rather than during the day," she says.
Depression or low level anxiety. Mental health problems often drain energy levels. "You may suffer from depression or anxiety and not even know it," says Dr. Salamon.
Myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME / CFS). It is a complex disorder that causes unexplained extreme fatigue, which can worsen after physical or mental activity and does not improve with rest. Its cause is unknown, but may be related to one or more underlying issues.
Some simple ways to boost energy levels

For regular and daily fatigue, try these tips:

1. Drink a cup of coffee or tea. A little caffeine can start your day, she says. "You do not need more than that, but it can offer a mental and physical uplift, especially if you have problems with morning fatigue."
2. Spend 30 minutes on foot. "If you can not go out, take a walk in your home in episodes of 10 to 15 minutes, two to three times a day," says Dr. Salamon.
3. Take a nap. A midday towel can help overcome fatigue later in the day. Hold naps about 20 to 30 minutes as studies have suggested that nap for 40 minutes or more can have the opposite effect and let you feel groggy rather than refreshed. "Also, do not nap too late in the day or early evening, when this could interfere with your normal sleep schedule," says Dr. Salamon.
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Drone Video Captures Apple Campus 2 As Employees Start Moving

With employees starting Apple Campus 2 this month, the main building designed by Foster + Partners is at the end of its work, as shown by this video drone captured by aerial videographer Matthew Roberts .

In addition, the roofed garage covered by the solar panel and the F & D facilities are also short of completion, and the Steve Jobs Theater is expected to follow next summer. Landscaping, including the central pond and an unprecedented tree planting plan (which reported a shortage of nursery trees in the San Francisco area), is also expanding at full capacity.

News via Archdaily
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The New Online MIT Map Tells You How Green Your City Is

Researchers at the MIT Senseable City Lab have developed a new way to measure how a "green" city uses Google Street View. The project, called Treepedia, presents an index of cities by measuring their "Green Canopy", the overhanging portion of trees and vegetation that you can see as you walk.

The maps reflect the data collected by the team and the city's Green Vision Index (GVI), measuring the percentage coverage in a certain area based on human perception. Using Google Street View instead of satellite imagery, the team measured the cities through everyday eyes.

The MIT research team has worked with the World Economic Forum and its Global Shapers community initiative to bring Treepedia together and continue to gather information to add cities to their index list available for comparison.

By providing quantifiable data on tree cover, Treepedia hopes that cities and their citizens will take the lead in defending more trees in their communities. They also hope to add functionality to the site on the road that will help citizens tag the trees in their area and alert their local authorities to areas in need of greater forest cover.

(Image Courtesy MIT Senseable City Lab)

Although tree planting may seem incoherent in the large urban development project, Treepedia reiterates the benefits of tree-lined streets for urban living. "In many cities, warming temperatures, increased storm frequency and continuous air pollution, the well-being of our urban trees has never been more important," said Carlo Ratti, Senseable City Lab, in a press release. "Here we present an index to compare cities against each other, encouraging local authorities and communities to take steps to protect and promote green cover of the canopy."

You can play with Treepedia maps and learn more about tree cover in your city by visiting their website here
News via Archpaper
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Roy Lichtenstein's Son Townhouse up for sale for $25 Million

Designed in 1847, this New York City house is a rare jewel, not only the four-storey building retains many of its original details, but it is offered for sale publicly for the first time. The West Village residence is extravagant in its own right, but it also houses Mitchell Lichtenstein, son of the famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a half-room, decorated with dozens of works of art by the owner's father. According to The New York Times, there are many curiosities and antiques interspersed throughout the house, as well as accents dating back to 1880, such as four mirrors with mirrors on the floor. Although Lichtenstein probably takes all the steps he takes with him when traveling, the unquestionably unique style of the residence is sure to stay abreast of the next 170 years.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Michelle Obama reported as keynote speaker for 2017 AIA conference

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver a keynote address at this year's AIA National Convention in Orlando, following a protest against the lack of speakers for the event.

Last week, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) announced the inclusion of Obama in the architecture conference program, which will be held at the Orange County Convention Center from April 27-29, 2017.

Several women have been added to the lineup for this year's event, as AIA has been criticized for gender balance.

In February, more than 50 architects and companies wrote a letter expressing "outrage" to the seven key notes confirmed at the time, only one was a woman.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro co-founder Elizabeth Diller, Perkins + Associate Eve Edelstein and architect Cheryl McAfee are among those who have now joined the writer and Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy on the list of speakers.

Obama served as the first woman during her husband's two terms, which ended earlier this year. During her tenure, she launched initiatives to combat childhood obesity and encourage young women to enter higher education.

"Over the past eight years, former White House Michelle Obama has worked tirelessly to defend a number of important initiatives to make our world a better place," said the AIA .

Obama is also a lawyer trained at Harvard and holds positions at the University of Chicago.

The themes of her AIA speech must still be disclosed, but she became famous for the passionate speeches given during the campaign for Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Her speech will take place on the first day of the three-day conference, April 27, 2017, from 12:50 to 1:45 pm, Hall C.

The AIA recently expressed "deep concern" that US President Donald Trump's current travel restrictions are hurting the country's architecture and construction industries.

The organization faced a reaction after its election victory after promising to work with it to improve the country's infrastructure and apologized shortly thereafter.
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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The first drawings and sketches of Frank Gehry acquired by the Getty Research Institute of Los Angeles

The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles has acquired an archive of works by architect Frank Gehry that spans his first 30 years in practice.

Announced yesterday, the purchase part, gift package includes a comprehensive overview of the projects from the start of the 88-year-old Canadian architect's career.

"Frank Gehry is undoubtedly the most famous living architect in the world," said Thomas W Gaehtgens, director of the Getty Research Institute.

"This vast archive, covering the first three decades of his illustrious career, offers an in-depth look at the genesis of Gehry's distinctive style and includes several of the projects for which he is internationally known."

The Gehry Archive includes about 1000 sketches, more than 120,000 working drawings and over 100,000 slides.

The Gehry Archive includes approximately 1,000 sketches created by the architect during the first three decades of his career
Hundreds of boxes of office records, personal papers and correspondence, 168 working models and 112 presentation templates are also included.

The material encompasses Gehry's graduate studies at the 1988 competition entry for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, the year before he won the prestigious Pritzker Prize for Architecture .

The collection also contains digital files that represent the development by the architect of the software platforms necessary for it to plan the construction of its complicated buildings.

Gehry lives in the house he designed for himself in Santa Monica, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. His development for the City's Sunset Strip was approved in August 2016, and he was also appointed as principal planner for the LA sterile river.

His best known works include the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris and the Facebook Campus in California. The rehabilitation of the architect of the Museum of Art of Philadelphia is due to the break today.

The material encompasses Gehry's graduate studies at the 1988 competition entry for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA
"I am honored by the attention of the Getty Research Institute who took advantage of the history of my work, my beginnings and other things that I never thought anyone would be interested in," Gehry said .

"I am very moved that this great institution, with its resources to seek the best examples of creativity in our world, has found me an interesting festival, and I will always be grateful."

The trust Getty was launched by businessman and art collector J Paul Getty in 1953. The institution and its museum are now housed in a complex designed by Richard Meier in the Santa Monica Mountains.

In August 2016, the Getty Foundation donated more than $ 1 million to preserve the modern architectural monuments, including the first building of Lina Bo Bardi and the villa of Eileen Gray disfigured by Le Corbusier.

News via Dezeen
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Cecil B. DeMille property is on the market for $ 25 million

Cecil B. DeMille of Los Feliz, California, the house is ready for his close-up. The legendary director's former home is now on the market for $ 25 million. It was originally two separate residences, with DeMille bought one for $ 28,000 in 1916 and Charlie Chaplin living in the neighboring place. But after Chaplin moved in 1926, DeMille bought this house, too, and commissioned the architect Julia Morgan to design a conservatory to combine the two properties. Presented in the March 1987 issue of Architectural Digest, the estate is conveniently located on DeMille Drive and spans over two acres. After undergoing a six-year restoration, it now has six bedrooms, ten baths, and a new pool with arched fountains.

News via Architectural Digest
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

REX’s Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center may lose federal funding

Construction at the REX Performing Arts Center at Ground Zero could be delayed if the federal government decides to revoke millions of dollars in funding.

After September 11, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provided nearly $ 3 billion to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC), the public regeneration program for the region. The LMDC has $ 150 million of this spending subsidy and the group plans to use about $ 100 million of these funds on the bright Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center (the Perelman Center for short) .

However, this plan was questioned at a recent LMDC board meeting. The REX project would be built on the Port Authority lands, but the agency says the LMDC owes it money for the work it has done to prepare lower lands for construction. Both parties agree on the existence of the debt, but not on the amount: the Port Authority says it owes $ 67 million, while the LMDC claims it only owes $ 45 million. Dollars. These issues could leave the construction of the Perelman Center in a stalemate, but Crain reports both sides are working towards a compromise at the end of June.

In the eyes of the HUD, the LMDC may have done too much work to bring the World Trade Center area back to life. The neighborhood - with new and new buildings by Calatrava, SOM, Fumihiko Maki, and (soon) BIG - has been restricted in the 16 years since the September 11 attacks. Given its remarkable resurgence, state and local officials say the LMDC has accomplished its fundamental task, so HUD may want its money.

Although the restaurants extend neighborhood activity after 5 hours, the boosters at the Perelman Center say that the area needs a performing arts center to fully cultivate a 24/7 neighborhood. In addition to the shows, the first floor houses a café and a restaurant with extended hours which, according to its architect, anchor the neighborhood by attracting people even in the absence of scheduled shows.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rendering released of Zaha Hadid Architects design for 666 Fifth Ave.

Rendering revealed of Zaha Hadid Architects design for 666 Fifth Ave. Left: 666 Fifth Avenue. (Courtesy Vornado Realty Trust) Right: Rendered by the architect of the proposed tower. (Courtesy of Kushner Companies / Zaha Hadid Architects)
Projects to transform the existing building to 666 Fifth Avenue, a long-term development project owned by Kushner Companies and Vornado Realty Trust, could still see the light of day, with foreign investors indicating their interest in financing the tower.

Kushner Companies was led by his son-in-law to President Donald Trump and former CEO Jared Kushner until mid-January when he relinquished control of the company and formally surrendered his stake in 666 Fifth Avenue. While some have questioned the importance of these measures to move away from the project, Kushner would have reportedly ceased to play a formal role as he advanced and recused himself if a conflict of interest were to arise.

Yet Kushner's precarious network of financial tangles could potentially haunt him. Shortly before leaving his family business, Kushner negotiated investment negotiations with Anbang Insurance Group, a Chinese company with an opaque property and well-known associations with the Chinese state. In a report by 6sqft, sources say Anbang has been involved in "advanced talks to provide up to half of the $ 2.5 billion in equity for the planned redevelopment." Although the company denied that " He is a stakeholder in the 666 Fifth Avenue project, The deal appears to support his growing portfolio of real estate investments in New York City as they are also the owners of nearby Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The building will require a substantial overhaul of the existing structural core to accommodate another 40 floors, a task to be resolved by London-based Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) who recently circulated a rendering of the ambitious 1,400-foot tower. ZHA has been signed for the project since 2015 and later this year will envelop the construction of its first project in New York, a residential building adjacent to the High Line. If everything goes as planned, demolition will begin in 2019 with a desired completion by 2025.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Check Inside Architect Mark Rios’s Japanese-Inspired Los Angeles Home

The house was pretty much ideal. A modern gem in the middle of the century located on a remote acre at Bel Air, with dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean. . . Idyllic, but for a small detail: he lay slowly. There was no hope for repair, so architect Mark Rios and her husband, fertility doctor Guy Ringler, decided to pull out the house they had lived in for 15 years and start over. For the first time in his 30-year career, Rios, one of the founding partners of the architectural firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios, has built a house for himself. "Architects have difficulty conceiving for themselves," he laughs. "I went through more than 50 shots before we settled on one." In seeking to create a quiet haven away from the couple's chaotic professional life, Rios was inspired by the soothing aesthetic of Japanese design. "The library, in particular," said the architect, "was shaped after a play in Kyoto, using heavy, dark woods.and the spa resembles old ryokans that I visited in Japan."
Like most of Rios' work, the new 11,000-square-foot home is carefully edited, with a small palette and a carefully orchestrated rehearsal of materials. While the street front is composed of three white masses, with no windows, Rios on the back used pocket glass doors from floor to ceiling that open rooms to outdoor spaces and southwest views. Rios has also built a rooftop reception room / terrace with a large terrace, "which makes it fun to entertain," he said.

The Japanese-inspired house Mark Rios shares with her husband, Dr. Guy Ringler, occupies a hill first in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles.
"I was more experienced and did more detail with this house than I did for former clients," says the architect. Rios used subtle indulgences throughout the house. He designed all the material himself. The wooden flooring originated in Germany, where it has undergone special drying in giant ovens to make it more soft and tactile. The ceiling of the living room has been lacquered to animate the light, especially at sunset. All the doors are a luxurious two-and-a-quarter inch thick and rising ceilings to add a spectacular ladder and loftiness to the rooms. The walls are 18 inches thick and covered with double layers of drywall to ensure a restful silence. "I'm totally obsessed with exact proportions and measurements, right up to the thumb," says Rios. "They change the way a house feels.
A true believer in less, Rios shares his philosophy: "So many fashionable houses are filled with fine art objects that shout:" Look at me! I am wonderful! These houses have a lot to do. Our house is the opposite. We simplified it.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

After the delays, IP controversy, Dubai Frame head for the finish line

Dubai's latest skyscraper, the Dubai setting is nearing completion with the opening scheduled for the second half of this year. Built at a cost of $ 43.60 million, the 150-meter high building symbolizes the evolution of Dubai from a modest establishment to a brilliant metropolis and offers a panoramic view of the city skyscrapers.

However, the project is also accompanied by a history of delays and controversy over allegations of IP infringement by Mexican architect Fernando Donis who is currently suing the Dubai Municipality for copyright infringement and theft of its design for the structure.

According to a New York Times report, Donis won an international competition in 2009 organized by elevator manufacturer ThyssenKrupp for the design of the Dubai framework. He was subsequently excluded from the execution of the project and construction, and never received compensation for its design.

Donis' allegations of intellectual property theft were refuted by the Dubai government, which claimed that the architect did not have the necessary local licenses to carry out the project and described the price of $ 100,000, He received for winning the contest.

The latest controversy over intellectual property is one of many activities of the design and construction industry in Dubai, which was previously discussed for its working practices, treatment of migrant workers and erratic construction schedules .
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Worlds Longest Elevated Cycling Path Launches in China

This month, in Xiamen City, the first bike trail in China was inaugurated. The structure is now nearly 8 kilometers long and is now the longest bike lane in the world.

The construction of this exclusive bike path was promoted by the Xiamen City Government to provide residents with a new sustainable transportation alternative that could significantly reduce vehicular traffic on the already congested roads of the city.

The project was designed by the Danish firm Dissing + Weitling, the team behind 2014 "Bicycle Snake" in Copenhagen. Speaking of their latest projects, the architects explain that it was developed "with a vision to inspire people to prioritize green alternatives, such as bicycles, instead of automobiles."

As a result, links to other public transport systems can be established at 13 points along the bicycle path, thus helping to facilitate intermodality in the daily commuting of residents through three financial centers and five residential areas of the city. city.

Eleven of the exchange points available correspond to bus stops on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) road running along a road parallel to the bicycle path. The other two connect to the Xiamen metro network.

It also has 11 spiral ramps to allow uninterrupted driving, public bicycle stations with 355 bicycles, 253 parking spaces spread over seven platforms and 30,000 lights to make the structure safe for cycling at night.

Although the new infrastructure is intended primarily for cyclists, accommodating up to 2,023 cyclists per hour, several lanes have been included for pedestrian traffic marked with different colors on the sidewalk to avoid accidents.

During the trail test period, it will be open from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm every day. It is expected that, in the first half of 2017, 3.5 million cyclists will use the new infrastructure.

Take a tour of the new bike trail in Xiamen in the video below.
News Via Archdaily

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Frank Gehry discusses design behind his recently completed concert hall in Berlin

"If it were not for Frank Gehry, we would have created a simple, direct concert hall where the students will play concerts, but if space is there, and someone so talented, like him, is ready to How, then of course, you have to do it "- Daniel Barenboim, Founder, Pierre Boulez Saal.

In this Facebook video, Frank Gehry discusses the circumstances of his most recent project, the Pierre Boulez Saal concert hall in Berlin and the importance of helping to create a new venue for Berlin's historic music scene.

Designed in collaboration with world-renowned acoustic engineer Yasuhisa Toyota (whose previous projects include Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall and Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie de Hamburg), Pierre Boulez Saal will serve as a residence for the Barenboim Academy -Said Train young musicians from the Middle East. Though measuring nearly 11,000 square feet, the place retains a sense of privacy in its oval concert hall; Seating 683 of the design, the farthest is located just 46 feet from the center of the stage. The project would have cost about $ 35.5 million.

The concert hall opened with an inauguration ceremony and a live video stream last week.

News via Pierre Boulez Saal.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An urban development expert joins Arcadis in Melbourne

Arcadis Australia Pacific announces the appointment of urban development expert Pru Sanderson to the newly created role of Melbourne City Executive.

A specialist in urban development, urban development and sustainability, Sanderson will help support the growth of the company in the Victorian capital.

Previously Chief Executive Officer of Vic Urban, Mr. Sanderson held senior management positions with GHD, Federation Square and Monash Property Management. He has also been director of the committee for Melbourne, Parks Victoria and the zoo board.

By welcoming Pru Sanderson to the team, Stephen Uhr, Director of Customer Development at Arcadis Australia Pacific, said the appointment resulted from the need for the company to have the best holistic thinkers and creators of places in their business.

Uhr adds that Sanderson's strong experience at the city level, encompassing everything from zoos to urban development, will provide immense value to their teams and clients.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Department of Homeland Security to accept submissions for US-Mexico Border Wall

Image Courtesy Wikimedia Images / © Tomas Castelazo

For architects always eager to "stand ready" with President Donald Trump's commitment to build new infrastructure works, here's your chance: The US Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection Bureau Issued a "solicitation" President of the controversial border wall between the United States and Mexico.

The solicitation, posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website on February 24, states:

The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intends to issue an electronic solicitation on or about 6 March 2017 for the design and construction of several prototypes of wall structures in the vicinity of Border with Mexico. The procurement process will be carried out in two stages, the first requiring suppliers to submit a concept document of their prototype by 10 March 2017, which will result in the evaluation and selection of bidders by 20 March 2017. The second phase will require Phase 1 bidders to submit proposals in response to the full RFP by March 24, 2017, which will include the award. Several awards are expected in mid-April for this effort. An option for additional miles can be included in each contract award.

The solicitation was launched on the same day that the president, speaking at the annual Conservative Political Congress (CPAC) forum, said the progress on the wall was "much, well ahead of schedule" and just two weeks After the administration began a heavy crackdown on undocumented immigrants in the country. As a candidate for the presidency, Donald Trump fueled his candidacy with striking anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric, promising to forcibly deport the some 12 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the country. It seems now that President Trump, having blurred the deployment of the travel ban of the administration against seven predominantly Muslim countries, turns to immigrants in this country to fulfill these campaign promises.

This new direction will certainly revitalize the debate within the architectural profession about the adoption by individuals and organizations of these so-called infrastructure projects. Following the hullabaloo travel ban, the American Institute of Architects issued a statement in support of immigration and international travel. However, the organization remains silent on the issue of the proposed border wall and on other building-related issues that the administration is currently pursuing, such as the increased use of private prisons for federal detentions, including deportation measures.

Media reported that the private penitentiary industry is seeking to profit generously from the newly relaxed regulations against these facilities under the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Their use should be considerably expanded as part of a directive instructing CBP to expand its detention capacities from approximately 34,000 prisoners today to more than 80,000 prisoners in the near future. The monetary costs for the border wall vary considerably, rising from $ 12 billion to $ 15 billion, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. CBP recently issued an internal note setting the cost of the wall at nearly $ 21.5 billion.

Whatever the cost, the lack of leadership and activism on the part of professional construction organizations is palpable.
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L.A wants to make developers pay for affordable housing

Los Angeles City Council should review the Affordable Housing Linkage fee (AHLF), a new ordinance that would impose certain types of new residential and commercial construction throughout the city to finance a generation of new affordable housing units. Refurbishment of existing affordable housing.

The plan--approved Thursday with some adjustments by the Urban Planning Commission and now directed towards the full city council review - proposes to impose a connection fee of $ 5.00 per square foot of new office, hotel, Retail, and warehouse as well as a $ 12.00 per square foot fee for new residential construction. The fee would be administered by the City of Los Angeles and is expected to generate $ 75 million to $ 92 million annually for new affordable housing.

The new sampling is the culmination of years of planning studies aimed at mitigating the region's property crisis. The Los Angeles area is believed to be in deficit by nearly 500,000 dwellings, a situation that has led to rent increases in recent years. To begin, the city has been gradually delimited to the detriment of housing production and has, for several decades, produced far fewer units of the market than necessary to meet the population growth. The result? Supply tight and higher rents for everyone. A recent study by Adobo lists Los Angeles as having the fourth highest percentage of tenants in the country; Los Angeles is also the largest city among the top ten. In addition a study conducted in 2016 by the Furman Center of the University of New York and CapitalOne revealed that nearly 60 percent of the rental Angelenos pay more than 30 percent of their income in rent. In addition, a whopping 33 percent of the total total pay more than 50 percent of their income for housing.

The shortage in the new market units has put pressure on low-income and working-class communities throughout the region. As high-income earners were excluded from traditionally high-end and professional class areas, they began to search the popular neighborhoods for rental and property opportunities.

And while few people claim that the city has to produce fewer affordable housing, there is a fierce debate about whether taxing housing production is the right step to take given the above facts. In a strongly worded letter presented to the Urban Planning Commission, a group of academics and activists criticized the potentially depressing effects of the connection tax on market housing production, saying, "The highly optimistic analysis Of the Nexus study projects sufficient revenues to create approximately Units, although if LA's analysis reflects Oakland's, there will be a larger number of lost market rate units - potentially 1.5 to 2X low-income production. If these affordable production figures are correct-and we question their accuracy, noting that no other program in the city has produced nearly as many units (San Francisco, for example, has produced only 89 per year) , Then for every 450 units of low income produced, up to 900 low-income families will eventually be moved. How can public policy support such a result? "

According to the authors of the letter, economically disadvantaged people and families across Los Angeles live disproportionately in market-rate housing. The authors argue that while liaison costs would facilitate the creation of new affordable units, the number of potential market-priced units that would be prevented from being built - a figure that will not be monitored by the city Would be very difficult to discern in the first place - outweighs the benefit of relatively few affordable units to be created by the fee.

The proposed rate is directed to City Council and, if approved, will be implemented later this year.
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Friday, February 24, 2017

SHoP unveils plans for Detroit's tallest tower on downtown historic site

For nearly 100 years, retail store JL Hudson in downtown Detroit has become the main shopping - 25-story structure at a time holding the record for the largest retail building in the world. Then, in 1983, after a slowdown in the Detroit economy, the department store was closed. Its implosion followed in 1998. In the years that followed, the important site put mainly vacant, with the exception of an underground parking structure inserted in the former underground store of retail levels. But now the plans have been revealed to return the site to its former glory.

Announced yesterday by the Detroit-based Bedrock development group, the site is expected to receive a brand new 1.2 million square foot project designed by SHoP Architects consisting of a nine-story podium and a 52-story tower 734 feet Would claim the title of Detroit's tallest building.

"For the long-time Detroiters, we remember what Hudson represented. It was not only a department store - it was the economic engine of Detroit. It attracted residents and visitors to the downtown area, where they spent a day shopping at Hudson's and visiting the shops, restaurants and theaters around it, "says Dan Gilbert, founder and president of Rock Ventures And Quicken Loans and founding partner of Bedrock.

"Our goal is to create a development that surpasses the economic and even experiential impact Hudson had on the city. We believe that this project is so unique that it can help bring Detroit back on the national map - and even world - for world class architecture, talent attraction, technological innovation and job creation.

Aimed at reinvigorating Woodward Avenue and its downtown core, the massive complex would be one of the largest construction projects in the city for decades. An economic impact study conducted by WSP-Parsons Brinkerhoff, based in New York, estimated that development could attract three million unique visitors a year, while generating $ 560 million per year for the region.

The joint development, contemplated by SHoP in partnership with Hamilton Anderson Associates, based in Detroit, would contain a full range of program elements, including retail, residential, parking and what Bedrock calls "an experiential destination centered on Technology, Arts and Culture. "

The 52-storey tower would occupy the residential component of the project, representing 250 units totaling 441,500 gross square feet. The podium below would house 733,823 gross square feet of mixed use, commercial space, offices, technology, arts and culture. Three levels below the level of schooling would provide an additional commercial floor and two levels of parking for 700 vehicles.

"The driving force behind our design for the Hudson site is to create a building that speaks to the rebirth of optimism in the future of the city and an experiential destination that has a positive impact on Detroit in a meaningful way, "Said William Sharples, Director, SHoP. "The building is built around an immense and grand public space, a civic place all year round that, both in its architecture and its culture, fosters and transmits the feeling that we all share when we work together to imagine That this great city can become. "

"At its peak, Hudson was a prime destination in the heart of downtown." After the store closure in 1983, the structure would remind us of a vibrant downtown, "says Sandra Laux, Project Architect , Hamilton Anderson Associates. "We now have the opportunity to be part of creating a unique and new architecture in one of the few downtown vacancies.

The project represents the second partnership between Gilbert and SHoP in recent months,

News Via SHoP Architects, Bedrock
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Frank Gehry to lecture online architecture course

Frank Gehry will teach an architecture and design course for the MasterClass online training platform, sharing his creative process and offering a critique of student work.

For $ 90 (approximately £ 72), Gehry's MasterClass will include 15 video tutoring lessons students on its architectural philosophy using case studies, sketches and models.

A downloadable workbook with summaries and assignments accompanies each class. Students will also be able to download their own videos for comments from the rest of the group, with Gehry criticizing some of the works.

Gehry's masterclass, which will begin in the spring of this year, will also give an overview of its archive of previously unseen models.

"When you're building a building, any building, start with the simple block model to see where it's going," says Gehry in a promotional video for the course.

"As an artist, I have had constraints, gravity is one of them," he continues. "But in all these constraints I have 15 percent freedom to do my art."

"I always try to express the movement, I was fascinated by the fold so fundamental to our first feelings of love and warmth. These ideas are scary like hell to tell the customer, they can reject you and they will. The logic for you to go, stretch to another place. "

The Los Angeles-born Canadian-born architect is famous for the concave and convex plans that often make his buildings, such as the undulating shape of his New York skyscraper, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and the Louis Foundation Vuitton in Paris.

During the course, Gehry will also discuss the philosophy behind his work, urging his students to do "something for humanity" rather than the economy.

"Most of our cities are built with faceless glass only for savings and not for the humanities," he says. "Whatever you do, promise me that every project you do or conceive, you take the risk of doing something for humanity."

The feeling echoes a previous statement made by the architect at a Spanish press conference in 2014, in which he said that most of today's architectures have "no sense of design" .

"In the world we live in, 98% of what is built and designed today is pure sh!t," he told the group of journalists. "There is no sense of design or respect for humanity or anything. They are bad buildings and that's it."

Gehry will join other well-known MasterClass instructors, with past editions including Werner Herzog on cinema, Deadmau5 on electronic music production and Serena Williams on tennis.

Last year, the architect arrived in Dezeen's Hot List, a guide to the most desirable and sought-after figures in the design world, with a handful of contentious new projects.

These include a master plan for the revitalization of the Los Angeles River, which has been violently criticized by a local landscape architect, and an enormous development along the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Australian-made Cross laminated timber from local plantation timber

The long wait for Australian cross-laminated timber (CLT) is almost complete.

Xlam Australia will open its first CLT manufacturing facility in Wodonga and will produce construction boards by the end of 2017.

The company shared its plans to build a factory in the Albury Wodonga area with Architecture & Design last year, but only now we know that this will actually happen.

Fairfax reports that the plant has the support of the local government, the state and the federal government and will be completed in April.

The facility will produce 60,000 m3 of CLT annually and, at production capacity, will produce enough materials to build a project the size of Forte Melbourne - Australia's largest wooden residential building - every week.

It will be produced from local pine, the growing demand for the plantation industry and to shorten delivery and distance delays.

Currently, CLT is purchased abroad by companies like Stora Enso, Meyer Timber and Novatop. Australia Lendlease has opened a prefabrication plant in Sydney that manufactures CLT frame, but it does not create the actual CLT.

Xlam has a number of Australian projects currently underway, including a massive CLT home designed by Fitzpatrick + Partners Director James Fitzpatrick.
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Sunday, February 19, 2017

City of Melbourne to post opinion on 1 Queensbridge tower

The City of Melbourne wants its views heard on the development of the recently approved Queensbridge Tower at Southbank.

A motion will be submitted Tuesday to the Melbourne Committee to request that its assessment report on the Melbourne Planning Scheme amendment for the project be posted on the company's website.

The Minister of Planning made a decision to amend the Melbourne Master Plan and to allow the development of Queensbridge Street last week and plans to publish the amendment in the near future.

The decision was taken without publicizing the views of COM planners and the Council intends to publish them before the amendment is published.

The COM wishes to make the City planners available to the public so that the City is not silent on the merits of planning the largest building ever approved within its boundaries.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Architecture Students work harder than all US college majors

According to a recent survey, US students enrolled in senior architecture courses, they spend more hours than other students.

Architecture majors have average 22.2 hours per week of study outside their classes, according to the University of Indiana National Student Survey Engagement (NSSE) as reported by The Tab.

That's 2.5 hours more than the chemical engineering students who came in second. Other engineering and science courses make up the majority of the 10 most difficult to work with.

The communications, sports and management courses all came down, with an extra 11 hours as the lowest figure.

Overall, average overtime hours were calculated at just under 15 hours - seven fewer than a typical architectural student.

The NSSE collected data from thousands of undergraduate and graduate students taking 86 different majors in the United States.

Among a long list of questions about their studies, they were asked how many extra hours they spent studying, reading, writing and doing homework or lab work outside of the scheduled hours.

The tab then averaged the results and compiled them in a ranking order.

Time spent working has already been linked to a high rate of depression and other related disorders among architectural students.

The results of a survey last year revealed that over a quarter of those studying the subject in the UK reported mental health problems caused or affected by their studies, with the workload among Main contributing factors.

As a result of these discoveries, the head of The Bartlett - one of the world's largest architectural schools - called for a review of architecture and accreditation teaching in the UK.
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Biasol modifies listed warehouse to restaurant and cocktail bar in East London

The design studio Biasol transformed a 19th century warehouse in Clerkenwell into a restaurant and bar with marble and velvet accents.

The new venue of 260 square meters is the eighth addition to the Grind & Co coffee chain designed by the studio in Melbourne.

Located in a historic heritage warehouse dating back to the 1870s, the space comprises two floors divided into a cocktail bar, a dining room and a basement bar for entertaining evenings.

Biasol removed the existing partitions on the ground floor to create two interconnected spaces, with the bar and private dining room on half, and the main restaurant on the other.

On the entrance, guests are greeted with the Brass Clerkenwell Grind logo that stands against a chevron-patterned wooden wall, forming a backdrop for the host desk.

Worn wood floors contrast with the luxurious aesthetics of the main dining room, including navy blue and pink velvet seats, marble tables and brass fixtures.

A velvet sofa curves around the walls of the main restaurant in the private dining room, blending with the painted navy wood walls.

"The main dining room is open and elegant, but we wanted the basement bar below to feel more fun and more feminine. Materials, colors and lighting play an important role, "say the designers.

Pink velvet chairs accompany the marble tables in the dining area, and continue in the basement where they complete the corresponding pink ceiling.

A long mirror and a curved brass shelf dressed in a colorful assortment of spirits is behind a bar of green marble.

Parquet flooring in the basement bar reflects the rafter wall, while a small stretch of pale colored tiles surround the bar.

"Behind its brick and terracotta façade, we sought to create a brightly colored but elegant interior that contrasts with the architecture while respecting its heritage," the designers said.

A variety of brass lighting hangs ceilings on both floors, adding a warmth to the mainly marine interior.

Biasol also designed the interior of the Southwark Grind & Co in the neoclassical historic London building, rich in marble and flooded with natural light through its six meter high windows.

Image Courtesy  Paul-Winch Furness
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

This is the time to prepare for the 2020 Census

"That's right. It's almost time for census, the American tradition since 1790," wrote Christopher Williamson.

Williamson's post is a call to action for planners to understand the importance of the census for their work, as well as, possibly, to participate in the census as soon as it is fully operational in 2020.

Firstly the Williamson, notes many changes, which are still under consideration in the 2020 census:

A few things different this time. On the one hand, the census, which will be held for three years will be almost entirely digital. It may also have a few changes to the race / ethnicity categories that might affect comparability with previous census and other data sets. And perhaps the most direct use for planners and local authorities: There are a variety of new tools for compiling and crunching data.
With regard to the relevance of census planning profession, Williamson argues the case:

Planners use census data permanently, in particular by ACS. It provides the age and characteristics of the housing facilities, the cost of housing, employment and the journey to work, education and school enrollment, persons with disabilities, as well as other statistical data. These ACS also provides the median income of households and poverty statistics, which are qualified census tract for community development block grants. Every ACS question is connected with the federal program or directly required by law, but it also functions as a continuous narrative about how and where we live in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Williamson completed the list of software tools and data recommendations, which can help to harness the power of the census, as well as the timing of significant events that will take place before 2020 to lay the groundwork for a thorough, successful census.
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Dark metal screen covers the Massimo Dutti store in Mexico Designed by SMA

Patchwork of patterned, fiberglass panels wrap the appearance of the three-storey shop for fashion brand Massimo Dutti, designed by Mexican architects Sordo Maddalena.

Covering 15.608 square feet (1,450 square meters), the store is located along Presidente Masaryk Avenue, Mexico City, one of the most prestigious streets. Artery underwent renovation in recent years "to improve its urban quality."

Local firm Sordo Maddalena Architects (SMA) was charged with the conversion of the existing concrete and steel building in a multi-level store Massimo Dutti, Spanish clothing retailer known for its classical pieces.

The goal was to create a "real work of architecture", which is well integrated into the surrounding city Palanka.

For the exterior, the architects sought to create a facade that corresponds to the "formal landscape of heights and voids in the historic architecture of the zone."

The team wrapped the building with a screen consisting of a lightweight, fiberglass panels, covered with dark gray metallic paint. Their color and structure were inspired by traditional wrought iron railings found in the area.

Brise Soleil has high linear openings that perform multiple functions. "Screen generates a series of rectangular niches, which are randomly repeated in an orthogonal grid," explained team.

"Each of these niches becomes window or showcase closed cell, depending on domestic use."

The screen was made using molds. "It is an excellent cooperation between the traditional local skills and sophisticated technology," said studio.

High glass strip forms the main entrance to the store. Visitors step into the double-height space, with a central staircase connecting all three levels.

"With simple lines and purity of materials, universal and timeless creates a space that does not interfere with the requirements of fashion and provides the product keeps all the attention," said the architects.

I had chosen a neutral materials that embody "a classic, but the essence of innovation." Pale stone paired with wood and metal inserts on the entire space.

The store is equipped with gray carpet and upholstered benches display. Several original features have been specially developed for the project, including tables and hanging rack in walnut, stone and steel.

roof terrace, where guests can have a coffee or refreshment, designed to complement the interior space and enrich the shopping experience.

Offers stunning views of the city, raised terrace also serves as a venue for special events. roof structure houses the kitchen and bathroom.

In general, the team aims to create a retail space covering its vibrant urban context. "It is a living and flexible architecture, thanks to the strong relationship between interior and exterior," said studio.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Architects Speak Out on Absence of Female Speakers at AIA National Convention

A group of more than 50 architects, firms and students of architecture expressed the lack of women's representation among the keynote speakers selected for the AIA national convention in 2017. Of the seven keynotes lectures, to be given within three days of the conference, only one woman will manage, and no female architect.

In a letter to the architect's Newspaper, the group calls for the AIA to revise the program of the conference, as well as consider selecting the participants more, "reflecting the diversity in architecture." The letter also calls into question the organization's commitment to the preservation of the values ​​set out in diversity and inclusion statement listed on their website, according the statement does not go far enough to contribute to the work of many members of this organization.

This year's conference will be held from April 27-29 in the Orange County Convention Center Orlando. Selected keynote speakers at the 2017 Conference will be attended by 2016 Pritzker Prize winner Alejandro Aravena, architect Francis Ker, MASS Design Group co-founder Michael Murphy, a graphic designer and Pentagram partner Michael Bierut, Dan Goods and David Delgado from the Laboratory of NASA's jet propulsion and Social psychologist Amy Cuddy.

The debate can be seen as a second omissions of AIA in recent months, after a poorly received letter of support Trump administration, which led to the organization releasing the official video with an apology and a $ 1 million commitment to increase diversity in the profession.

News Via The Architect's Newspaper
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100 screens welcome public art throughout New York City

When almost everyone blindly stumbles across the city, stuck on the phone, a new series of digital artworks of the social is asking New Yorkers to suspend their small screens to watch the art on the giant screens around the city.

Now, to March 5, the nonprofit will display Commercial Break at roughly four sites: Round Tent LED Brooklyn Barclays Center; Westfield World Trade Center in Manhattan; Hundreds of porn-free stands of LinkNYC; And one of the most famous billboard of all-a Times Square. It should be noted that this is the first show of the organization to simultaneously display the work in the five districts.

Previous commercial break is subject to Public Art Fund public series that worked Lightboard Times Square for most of the 1980s, replacing the usual announcement. In addition, 23 artists participating in this exhibition to the question of the ubiquity of digital images, especially advertising and its impact on real spaces, online and offline.

Public Art Fund Site is the latest job, Casey Jane Ellison paired with the sessions and more information on each IRL website.
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An hair salon in Peckham designed by sam jacob makes people look at artwork instead of themselves

Architect Sam Jacob has overhauled a hairdressers-cum-gallery in southeast London, so now customers stare at artworks rather than their reflections while they get a trim.

Sam Jacob Studio updated the DKUK salon and gallery by applying strips of mirror to the slatted walls, and adding vibrant yellow shelves and matching furniture.

He was also invited by the salon's owner, hairdresser and artist Daniel Kelly, to curate the first exhibition in the newly renovated gallery, which is backed by Arts Council England.

For the show titled Make It Real, Jacob displayed a range of his own products, including scarves knitted with woodgrain patterns, T-shirts printed with building's facades and a collection of objets d'art.

The pieces, as well as several brightly coloured prints of windows, offer an alternative to the traditional mirror-heavy salon interior.

"Usually the way we look is conceived differently in a gallery or a salon," said Jacob, who is also a Dezeen columnist. "The design explores the act of looking through the use of frames, translucencies, perforations and reflections. The space also considers how we are seen (or not) just as much as how we see."

"The mirror, often the central feature of a hair salon and filled with our own reflection, is used here as a spatial device," he added. "Mirrors are used to create a sense of infinite space that contrasts with the reality of the interior."

The items hang from shop-style hooks on the slatted walls of the space which, at just two-by-five metres, claims to be London's most petite gallery.

It is tucked away from the main Peckham thoroughfare on Holdron's Arcade, a narrow passage of shops and cafes. Kelly, who has been running the space for two years, bases his price list on hair length rather than gender.

"DKUK offers artists a unique environment for showing and developing work, away from the pressure of the commercial art world and the growing complexities of the 'publicly' funded spaces," explained Jacob.

"The design frames the display of art through the commercial infrastructure that supports and enables the 'culture'," he continued. "At the same time, commercial references such as the Slatwall wall display system are repurposed as an abstract, graphic gallery display mechanism."

Jacob also created a sound installation titled Selenophonia for the show. Speakers set about the sink play an echoey voice recording of the geographical features of the moon, which was created in the Whispering Gallery of St Paul's Cathedral.

"It echoes Christopher Wren's own obsession with the Moon – he measured, mapped and then made the most accurate Moon Globe – the piece suggesting that perhaps the dome of St Paul's is also both architecture and a moon-like thing," Jacob told Dezeen.

Sam Jacob, who was a director at the now-defunct practice FAT before setting up his own studio, has previously erected an Adolf Loos-designed mausoleum in Highgate Cemetery.

Make It Real continues at DKUK until 12 March 2017.

News Via Dezeen
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Exclusive Lady Gaga Super Bowl Home In Houston

Lady Gaga's living in a $10,000 a night palace ... About 10,000 square ft, with a Renaissance-style stone spiral staircase for grand entrances, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a resort-inspired pool, and Venetian plaster.

The house estimated worth is $20,000,000.
With 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms on a solid acre of land, she has room to roam.

See more photos below:

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